Derek Rishmawy

Our guest is Derek Rishmawy. He’s a PhD student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He’s also a blogger and a podcaster.


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Show Notes

1:55 – Who Derek Rishmawy is… 7:25 – Why he ended up studying theology at “TEDS” 10:15 – How and why he decided to pull out of ministry work to pursue further studies 16:30 – Why you might decide to NOT pursue a graduate degree 19:00 – How to minister to millennials 22:45 – Me, boiling his TGC talk down to a few sentences (and him agreeing with it) 24:45 – The four books he would put in front of every millennial 29:00 – How to balance things you feel like you “should” do vs. the things you “want” to do 35:00 – How he thinks about daily and weekly rhythms 41:15 – The worst pronunciation of his last name he’s ever heard (and the worst one he’s done to someone else’s last name) 44:45 – The best burger in Chicago… 47:45 – If he could put a billboard anywhere in the world, where would he put it, and what would it say?