Amy Peterson

Our guest is Amy (Lepine) Peterson. Amy is my sister. She’s also the author of Dangerous Territory: My Misguided Quest to Save the World.


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Show Notes

1:45 – The similarities between birthing a baby and birthing a book

3:40 – Who Amy Peterson is and what she does

7:00 – What the “Missionary Myth” is, and what’s unhelpful about it

9:33 – What you probably don’t know about David Brainerd’s story…

13:33 – How things often don’t mean what they seem in other countries

16:20 – Where the word “missionary” came from

17:45 – How “short-term missions trips” become a thing

19:50 – What’s problematic about short-term missions trips (flying in like little gods)

23:05 – What advice she’d give to someone considering going on a short-term missions trip

28:25 – Why she got kicked out of a country she isn’t allowed to name in southeast Asia

32:25 – How to fight for justice without casting ourselves as the heroes of the story

36:08 – How to be faithful in the mundane (when it feels like nothing you’re doing matters)

40:15 – Best movie she’s seen lately

42:15 – Best TV show she’s seen lately

44:20 – Best book she’s read lately (and how it’s helped her marriage)

47:10 – Nerdiest thing she’s into right now

48:55 – Best meal she’s had recently

52:45 – If she could put a billboard anywhere, where would she put it, and what would it say?


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