Bob Lepine

Our guest is Bob Lepine. Bob is my dad. He’s also the co-host of FamilyLife today and the Chief Content Officer at FamilyLife.


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Show Notes

5:20 – How he got started with FamilyLife 7:30 – Why he and my mom spent three years looking for a church to attend 10:23 – The three vital experiences every church must have 11:43 – How he started planting churches 15:25 – Why you should plant a church (and why you shouldn’t) 21:10 – Why he wrote “The Christian Husband” 24:20 – Why marriage isn’t about keeping each other happy 26:00 – The difference between a “servant pleaser” and a “servant leader” 27:50 – What to do when you and your wife disagree 28:50 – The difference between a good boss and a bad boss 29:50 – What to do when you and your wife disagree, part two 32:55 – What he thinks of Trump 35:55 – All the thoughts on gender, sexuality, and marriage 41:10 – What he’s working on next… 46:05 – Best thing he’s read and watched lately… 48:30 – Best meals he’s had recently


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