John Bryson

John is a pastor and elder at Fellowship Memphis, a multicultural church he helped found in Memphis, Tennessee. He also served on the board of Acts29 and is a partner with Fellowship Associates.

He is the lead writer and co-presenter of 33 The Series with Authentic Manhood. John travels the country consulting and investing in churches, leaders and great ideas.


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Show Notes

2:45 – The 90 second John Bryson story (in case you aren’t familiar with him)

5:17 – Why he decided to plant in Memphis

6:10 – The three things he fights every single day

7:25 – Challenges he’s overcome in planting a healthy, multiethnic church

8:58 – Practical advice for planting a healthy, multi-ethnic church

11:25 – What advice he’d give to a pastor of a larger, homogenous church who desires to be multiethnic

14:35 – The two or three pieces of advice he’d give a church planter today

16:42 – What the Acts 29 network is all about

18:30 – Why you must get in touch with your emotions

21:25 – How to get in touch with your emotions

23:42 – Where we’ve learned to shut out our emotions

25:55 – Favorite book and TV show he’s read or watched recently

28:15 – How to think about the upcoming election season


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