Kids’ Sunday Worship: May 3

Hey parents!

This Sunday we move forward in our lessons in the life of Moses. Our lesson will focus on the ten plagues and passover found in Exodus 5–12. This story is a clear example of God’s rescuing care for His people as God graciously provides a way out of Egypt for the Israelites. God did the same for us through Jesus. Just like the lamb that was used in the first Passover, Jesus died for us. Furthermore, Jesus gives us His righteousness. As you teach your kids this week, highlight the Passover and point to the spotless Lamb—Jesus (John 1:29). We continue to memorize Hosea 13:4 and ask the Big Picture Question: “Is there anything God cannot do? God can do all things!” For the activity video, you will need cotton balls, three sheets of paper, foil, lotion and colored pencils.

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God Rescued His People

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