Kids’ Sunday Worship: June 7

Hey parents!

Happy Sunday! Today we are in Exodus 32 and 34. Moses was on top of Mount Sinai talking with God. The Israelites got impatient and asked Aaron to make a statue to worship. God’s people worshiped that gold calf instead of God!

While you’re teaching today, emphasize that when the Israelites disobeyed God, Moses prayed for God to forgive the people and He did. Likewise, we have received forgiveness through Jesus and we can pray to Him! God forgives anyone who trusts in Jesus!

This week we are starting a new Big Picture question: “What is Worship?” The answer is “Worship is celebrating the greatness of God.” Our new Bible memory verse is Exodus 15:2a. For the activities in this week’s activity video, you will need speakers/a phone to play music with, random objects, and play dough.

Kids, Pick an Activity!

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