How to Engage with Sunday Worship Online—With Kids

Let’s acknowledge that the idea of worshiping as a family in our home might feel a bit crazy. None of us really know what we’re doing! Let’s see this time as an opportunity to engage with God and with our kids together. We encourage you to capitalize on the opportunity to instruct your children about how church is not a just building, but actually the people of God. We recognize that each family interacts and engages with Sunday services in unique ways, and we also know these differences will continue when we engage with the Sunday service resources in each of our homes. We are praying that God gives each of you a vision for how to make the most of this time with your children. Below are a few practical tips we hope are helpful for you as you plan for Sunday services:
  • Including our kids in our Sunday services will most likely be chaotic. Our goal isn’t simply well behaved kids, but kids who love Jesus. Let’s practice patience and grace toward one another and embrace the crazy.
  • Remember there is room and flexibility to have your children as involved as you would like with our Sunday service. Some of you will have your children with you the whole time participating with you and leading elements of the service; others of you will only have them in through the portion of singing, and then once the sermon starts, you might choose to set them up with a different activity (be it toys, a video, coloring sheet, etc.); some might choose to set your kids up with another activity while you worship. Our Park Kids materials will be linked to our Sunday service in order to best serve you.
  • Think about the uniqueness of each of your family members. View the service as an opportunity to get everyone involved. Are there any things you are particularly good at that intersect with the service? Do it! If one of you plays an instrument or can lead the worship, by all means lead! Empower your kid(s) to be the leader! This role doesn’t have to be a parent or adult. If you have more than one person, feel free to empower different kids to lead different portions!
  • During the time of singing, feel free to get creative! Engage your full self and don’t be embarrassed to sing or dance during this time or be physically expressive. Let your kids observe you as a passionate worshiper of Jesus! If you have musical instruments or musical toys, that’s a great way to get your kids involved too.
We want to hear about your times of worship! Please send us pictures or videos… Let us know if there are any ways we can help you in the future! Your feedback will help us better equip you in the weeks to come…

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