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As conversations on race and injustice continue in the culture around us, the leadership of Park Church recognizes this as an opportunity to engage our body in a way that both recognizes our collective concerns and also unifies us. There’s no doubt that the Church should be leading the national conversation, but with so many competing interests, philosophies, and voices, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so. Not only is the Church at large being stretched, but also each of us individually. That’s why we are creating a space for you to hear a defining message that is meant to simultaneously provide some perspective while clarifying Park Church’s position on racial reconciliation. Whether you’re someone who’s felt that Park could be doing more, should be doing it differently, or should not be doing anything at all, we encourage you to come hear our heart and our direction. As a church, we are on this journey together. We ask that you join us in praying for humility, love, and unity as we allow Christ to refine us and as we seek to reflect His love to those around us.

Other Recommended Events

These two upcoming, online events are being hosted by Be the Bridge to help both people of color and white people learn more about racial reconciliation. These events are highly encouraged and well in-line with the work we’re committed to.

Conversations with Miguel & Christopher

Wednesdays through October 28
7–8pm • Zoom
Join us to discuss racial justice, your own reflections, and Be the Bridge programs. JOIN ON ZOOM

Be The Bridge

This class is designed for people who want to learn more about how to be a racial bridge-builder in the church and in the world. You will be guided through initial learning, useful definitions, and self-reflection. Click the I’m Interested button below to be included on future communication about Be The Bridge events, or learn more about Be the Bridge at I’M INTERESTED

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