Kids’ Sunday Worship:
February 28

Good Morning Park Kids!

God gave Jonah a message for the people of Nineveh: “Nineveh will be destroyed in 40 days, tell them to stop sinning and look for me.” But Jonah did not want to tell the people in Nineveh God’s message! Instead, Jonah got onto a boat to go far away. God sent a big storm, and the sailors on Jonah’s boat were afraid. Jonah said, “This storm is my fault. Throw me into the water so it will stop.” When they threw Jonah overboard, the storm stopped! God sent a large fish to swallow Jonah. For three days, Jonah was in the fish’s belly. God made the fish throw up Jonah, and Jonah went to Nineveh. The people of Nineveh were sorry for their wrong choices, and God forgave them.

God is merciful to His enemies, even when we wrongfully are not merciful to them! In Jesus, God has given mercy to the whole world.

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God Loves All People and Showed Mercy to the Ninevites


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Week 47: Miss. Kira reads “The Captain of the Storm” from The Jesus Storybook Bible

by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Jago

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