Watch or rewatch the Spring 2021 Formation Group launch event above.

Formation Groups

In Colossians 3:16 Paul calls followers of Jesus to “let the Word of Christ dwell in [us] richly.” We’ve created a new opportunity at Park Church to help strengthen a culture of being shaped by the Word of Christ within our church family. Next month we’re launching what are called Formation Groups. These Formation Groups are designed to foster consistent relational space around God’s Word in gender-specific groups of around 3-4 people. Our aim is that the beauty and the truth of Scripture would intersect powerfully and redemptively with our actual lives. And that we would pursue this alongside other Christians. So through these Formation Groups we will “bare souls and bear burdens together through Scripture.” We will bare souls—learning to live honestly and humbly with each other; we will bear burdens—taking on the struggles of others and learning to walk with them; and this is done together through Scripture—the backbone of these Formation Groups is time in the Bible, allowing Scripture to shape our thinking, our conversations, and our lives. This Fall our Formation Groups will read the entire New Testament through a reading plan that we’ll provide, which has broken up the text into smaller, daily segments. We’ll also provide a few questions to help guide your times meeting together each week, as well as some supplemental resources you may find beneficial along the way.

Ready to start a group?

Here’s what’s next:

Think through two or three other men or two or three other women you’d like to join with as a Formation Group for the next three months. These could be people in your Gospel Community, or not; perhaps you’re already meeting with some people or maybe this is a completely new rhythm for you. Either way, register here to get started. If you don’t know who these people might be, register anyway and we’ll help connect you with others in our church.