Communication (& Art) Residency


Title: Communication (& Art) Resident
Reports to: Director of Communication & Art
Description Last Updated: April 13, 2023

A full-time, support-funded residency role within the Operations Team, working to create an environment of clear, theologically-rich, and beautiful communication (and art, if skills and interest permit!) for the strengthening of the church. The Communication Resident will also complete a residency program for personal and professional development as a ministry leader. This position is a two-year commitment with an optional, mutually-discerned third year that is project-focused and based upon needs and opportunities within the church.

Areas of Responsibility—Communication & Art

Weekly Communication

  • Create, review, and send two weekly all-church emails for resourcing and event promotion
  • Strategize Park Church’s social media content and actively manage accounts
  • Complete miscellaneous design and formatting tasks

Sunday Communication

  • Create requested sermon content slides to support sermons
  • Create and review info slides for pre and post-service loop for resourcing and event promotion
  • Create ProPresenter presentation for each Sunday, including songs, liturgy, info slides, and sermon content

Strategy & Research

  • Co-manage our team-wide external communication schedule, helping create team clarity on what we’re promoting and resourcing our community with and when
  • Process communication support requests from staff and lay leaders, creating tasks and setting expectations by following up with those submitting requests
  • Invest time reading and researching for continued learning as a communication professional (some sample topics include Constitutive Rhetorics, Media Criticism, Complex Representation, etc.)

Creating Artwork (If skills and interest permit:)

Create artwork for the promotion of select events and sermon series, working with ministry leads to make compelling illustrations for specific demographics.

Areas of Responsibility—Ministry Residency

The Park Church Ministry Residency exists to equip followers of Jesus as integrated disciples and faithful leaders, working out their giftings in the context of the local church, and discerning their calling for what is next.


Understand & Practice Contextualized Ministry

  • Learn and observe how the unchanging Gospel and truths of Scripture get worked out in a particular cultural context
  • Participate in ministries that put contextualization into practice, responding to felt needs and questions with the Bible’s answers
  • Speak into and help give shape to structures and opportunities for greater contextualizing ministry to flourish

Grow as an Integrated & Dynamic Leader

  • Learn how the components of your life and story honestly integrate with the grand Story God is telling in the world
  • Discern your own wiring and work out your giftings, working alongside others and within teams, likewise leading others to do the same
  • Experience greater healing and wholeness in your relationship with Jesus, from which you lead other people

Develop Theologically & Practically as a Follower of Jesus

  • Gain clear biblical and theological categories for God, ourselves, the church, and the world
  • Work out your theology in the practice of ministry, enlivening the core doctrines of the Christian faith for our everyday lives
  • Explore how practical commitments to regular practices form our lives in Christ for greater fruitfulness


Work Within Specific Ministry Area: Communication (& Art) (50–60%)

  • Serve and operate as a part of a particular team and ministry area within Park Church
  • Specifics are set by the Team Lead and found in the attached job description

Personal & Professional Development (20–25%)

  • Bi-monthly time with Residency Cohort and Residency Team Leads
  • Reading, listening, discussing, and writing on key areas of focus

Cross-Departmental Exposure (15–20%)

  • Presence and involvement in regular all-staff rhythms including staff meetings, prayer gatherings, etc.
  • Serve in particular rotating roles during Sunday services twice per month
  • Invitation-based project collaboration discerned and agreed upon by ministry team leads

Cultivation & Maintenance of Financial Partner Team (5–10%)

This portion of the job will occupy 100% of the resident’s time during the first two months and a slightly larger amount than 5-10% during the summer months.

  • Involvement in fundraising training and ongoing coaching for successfully building and maintaining your financial partner team
  • Invest relational time cultivating a network of people to partner with you in the Ministry Residency


To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to