Randi Cleaver

Pastoral Assistant

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What are your responsibilities? Specifically, I assist Miguel with all things Gospel Community and Joel and John with anything Liturgy & Arts. Family? Tons. My immediate family in CO is my husband who is a Project Engineer and my little love – Amos, who (as I’m writing this in quarantine) is approaching his first birthday in May 2020. Where are you from? Houston, Tx. Please don’t kick me out. Education & Experience? I have a B.S. in Environmental Chemistry from University of Houston, have worked in labs and higher education for 20 years until coming on staff to Park in 2017 as the Office Manager. I’ve since moved to part-time working as Pastoral Assistant to be with my son more. I’m pretty good at analytical work and creating processes – which has served me well at Park. What hobbies/interests outside of work? Reading, playing board games, baking, eating sweets, and spending time in a hammock with Mitch and Amos.

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