Call to Artists:
Project 101010

What is it?

Every summer we come back to the Psalms as a church. We love exploring the diversity of these poem-songs! In addition to the visual artists we’ve already commissioned this summer, we’re also inviting all of you to participate in our first ever “Project 101010.” The concept is pretty simple: For 10 days we’ll respond to 10 psalms for at least 10 minutes a day. We are inviting songwriters, poets, photographers, and any other artists to read the designated psalm for that particular day and in turn respond in whatever art form they best see fit. We’re encouraging people to dust off their creativity in this time of quarantine and lockdown and really try to engage their hearts, minds, and craft in this project.

When is it?

It starts this Monday, May 11 and runs through May 20.

How do I participate?

Request Access to CCB Group

Use the button above to go to the CCB group and request access. Once you’re a participant in this group, we will send out a daily message and we’d love to have people comment with either a) what they created for that Psalm or b) encouragement for other people’s work. Obviously you don’t have to share your work every day, but we’d love your daily interaction with others. Remember that creativity begets creativity. We want to be encouraged by what you guys are creating and be inspired to create more ourselves! As far as engaging personally, there are a ton of ways of doing it… My personal encouragement would be for you to sit down in the morning or at first opportunity and read over the Psalm 2-3 times. Observe what words or phrases stand out. How might you want to pray those back to God or sing them? Does it stir places of pain or joy in you? How might you write this out in poetic form or capture this with an image? Take the 10 creative minutes (or more) to do just that. It’s ok if you don’t feel all that inspired! The point is mainly to work the creative muscle intentionally… Many love the inspiration, but forget about the real perspiration of creating. What might God want to do in our hearts and in our community as we engage intentionally with these Psalms?

What’s the schedule?

  • May 11: Psalm 100
  • May 12: Psalm 101
  • May 13: Psalm 102
  • May 14: Psalm 103
  • May 15: Psalm 104
  • May 16: Psalm 105
  • May 17: Psalm 106
  • May 18: Psalm 107
  • May 19: Psalm 108
  • May 20: Psalm 109
For clarity, the aim of this project is simply to create and encourage creativity amongst the participants. Please email us if you have any questions! We’re excited to explore these Psalms with you.

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