JD Raab

Communication Coordinator

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What are your responsibilities? I work as a contractor through Art /Rhetor, a church communication support company that I run with my wife. If it’s something seen or something read on behalf of Park Church, (design, print, web, or art direction) I’ve likely been part of creating or coordinating it, working alongside the Park staff to consider how you’re going to receive each message as a micro-instance of Jesus’ Church and Jesus’ Gospel. Family? Married to Sara with two boys, Howie (2), and Harvey (0.2). Where are you from? Denver, Colorado Education & Experience? BA in Communication Studies (Colorado State). 3 years of communication work for Denver-area churches in part-time and full-time roles. 4 years of communication work for what has been 24 churches (and 10 non-profits) nation-wide as a contractor through Art /Rhetor. What hobbies/interests outside of work? Music (listening, drumming, electric guitar), Denver sports, jokes, coffee, food, making my kids laugh (chasing, funny voices, freestyle raps about animals).

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